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25 June 2010 @ 08:28 am
More Mugen/Fuu Amvs!!!  

Well, since i didnt do any full songs lately, here's two half ones. I like this one better...maybe cos Jin's in it (I LOVE Jin!! I know u wouldnt guess cos i ship the Mugen/Fuu really hard but i effing Love JIIIIN! He's so sweet and clever and funny and contrasts the others SO well. he's a brilliant character... and he fills me with huggles feelings) Idk. what do you guys think? i need more love triangle songs so Jin can show up

Lol. i keep giving them songs where it's heavily implied the guy is corrupting the chick... hmmm i think one of these needs a fanfiction

anyway... rock on kids! Don't hurt yourselves.